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Like the majority of physicians, managing pain is an important part of your practice.  When treating patients, you need to constantly weigh the benefits of pain relief against the heavy cost of prescribing potentially addictive and physically damaging medications.  According to current medical literature, the cost to patients is significant.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal reported that Opioid related deaths have doubled between 1991 and 2004, stating that “the rise in opioid-related deaths was due in large part to inadvertent toxicity.”  This indicates that preventable deaths were caused by prescription medication.  Doctors need to re-evaluate their treatment protocols for pain relief, considering the safer alternatives.

The research on cannabinoid-based medicines is resulting in safer treatment protocols finally becoming available for doctors.  In this ever changing field of medicine, you need to be aware of the newly available cannabinoid-based treatments that could benefit your patients.  Proven to help ease the pain associated with many illnesses and conditions including cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, even PMS, marijuana is a viable, safe and effective prescription alternative.

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