Clinic poised to become Canada’s first regulated marijuana distributor

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Sam-MellaceAn alternative pain-management clinic that aims to be Canada’s first regulated commercial medical marijuana distributor is celebrating its grand opening March 13.

More than a decade in the making, New Age Medical Clinics is committed to providing harm reduction services for Canada’s increasingly pharmaceutically-dependent population.

The clinic, located in downtown Toronto, will offer non-addictive prescription alternatives while helping patients overcome pharmaceutical dependencies.

“We have an assortment of services we’re going to provide to people,” says operations manager Sam Mellace, one of Canada’s leading medical marijuana activists. “Services include drug counseling, drug addiction services, rehabilitation centres and access to a psychologist and a psychiatrist … basically, we’re attacking the addiction.”

The clinic’s opening comes just months after the federal government outlined proposed changes to how Canadians access medical marijuana, with a focus on moving to a more commercial system. Mellace says the clinic will build on its services as regulations change.

Under the proposed new rules, which could be in place by 2014, the government would have a smaller role in the distribution of medical marijuana. Physicians would give out specialized prescriptions to patients who need marijuana, instead of having Health Canada issue licences to patients.

The new guidelines would also establish a regulated commercial market, allowing prospective distributors like Mellace to apply for licences to grow and sell the drug.

“There’s no clinic like this is Canada,” says Mellace, who is now licenced as a patient and designated medical marijuana grower.

“We’re trying to make the first application for research and development licences for operation in 2014.”

Mellace has worked for 13 years to reach this moment, he says.

“It’s amazing. I started years ago to provide a solution for people who are suffering,” he says. “I want to get them off their opiates. I want to develop products that will eliminate pills.”

Mellace has created hand creams, butter, and shakes as consumption alternatives for his product.

“We want to help people,” he says.

New Age Medical Clinics is located at 680 Danforth Ave. For more information, visit or call 647-748-7757.

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